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Starting On August 17th, 2022

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The Fallen have been resurrected by the Kaijus to join the great battle ahead. They are an army of soulless samurais that are controlled by the leaders of the evil tribe to fight against the Cyborg Samurais and Onna-Bugeisha.

NFT Staking

Each Fallen will be eligible to harvest the $GENKI tokens through Samurai Saga's NFT staking system. The longer the duration, the more $GENKI tokens they will harvest and are the core generators of the $GENKI tokens.

Playable Character

The Fallen will be a playable character in the upcoming, play-to-earn game. Every Fallen character comes with a different set of attributes and skills for players to experience a different gameplay style compared to the Cyborg Samurais, Onna-Bugeisha and Kaijus.

In-Game Feature

There’s a reason for the name, Fallen. In the upcoming, play-to-earn game, the Fallen comes with a special in-game feature for players with a Cyborg Samurai, Onna-Bugeisha or Kaiju. This special in-game feature will give players a competitive advantage.



As the daylight died out, it began to snow through the tall canopies of the forest. The position of the three samurai scouts was favorable for observing the Kushlaat valley, usually used by Kaiju reinforcements. If their numbers are small today, the scouts would turn into silent killers. Reducing the number of enemies near the strategically important portal has been a priority for the clan Akihara for weeks.

The snow kept intensifying and the air current among the centuries-old trees turned into an icy wind. The scouts grumbled.

Nothing but cold. Those Kaiju bastards have obviously decided to take a corridor through the E'lodo gorge," said Mutsuhito with disappointment. This young samurai was eager to fight, and the role of the scout was something he didn’t cherish. Kagata, the most experienced of the three, said: “There is always much more in this forest than cold. Stay focused. And above all – be quiet.”

The affirmative nod of the archer Akira didn’t please Mutsuhito. And just as he gasped for further discussion, commander Kagata abruptly raised his hand. The scouts dived deeper into the cover of branches and moss.

They hardly had the time, since the first shadows emerged from mist at the top of the hill. Scattered and numerous, they approached slowly from an unexpected direction, heading towards the scouts’ hideout. The standard-bearer could be seen already, proudly stepping under the piece of red and black fabric.

"Praise the Gods, these are our comrades from the Harada clan," Mutsuhito sighed with relief. The very next moment, Kagata's armored glove pressed firmly against his mouth. A fire of rage burned over the commander's visor. He withdrew his hand, the man kept his eyes on Mutsuhito`s astonished face, and then slowly pointed his finger to the approaching flag. Mutsuhito looked again, zooming the linen. The colors did belong to Harada, no doubt about that, but the kanji were inverted: black replaced the Harada red and vice versa. The youngest scout looked at Kagata. Commander`s visor dimmed blue lights silently reported the unimaginable – The Fallen are coming.

The steps of the revived warriors were deft with mechanical precision.

They descended the slope, bypassing holes and ravines. The weapons they dragged were intended for the mass destruction of their former compatriots. Stench of rotten flesh and decrepit metal could make the bravest of hearts shiver. Snowfall had thickened, and Kagata thanked the forest gods for concealing their position.

The boots of the Fallen almost stomped on the silent trio. Akira evaded a boot silently, Kagata uploaded a pattern of defensive intervention into his katana, while Mutsuhito wondered whose words were echoing in his head. And the words… They flowed like an endless river. A torrent of sorrow and shame. A poem of samurai defeat. With the power of a poisoned dagger, it began to tear the heart of a young scout. Mutsuhito’s body shook like a leaf in the wind. Noticing this, Kagata put his arm around him, trying not to make the slightest sound. A new signal shone from the commander’s visor: I can hear them too, inside my head, all their pain. STAY DOWN!

Then he pressed Mutsuhito even harder against the ground. However, more of the Fallen were advancing through the woods, and so were their lamentations. Shame, disgrace, humiliation, hate for their Kaiju overlords – all echoed in the scouts' heads louder and louder. The youngling started to tremble viciously, as if mortally wounded. The camouflage fell from his helmet and shoulders. His katana whirled in icy air.

Unable to bear the pain of the Fallen, Mutsuhito rushed in, determined to set tormented souls free. As he got surrounded by blades, he felt privileged that at least someone's suffering would be stopped today. However, there was not a shred of compassion in the blows of the Fallen. Sprinkles of blood mixed with the snowflakes.

Kagata took a chūdan-no-kamae stance, ready to repel dozens of the Fallen, but Akira was already running uphill and shouting: “It’s too late for the young one! Move at once!”,

Even though Akira was not his superior, Kagata reluctantly obeyed. They were running shoulder to shoulder now through the snow, jumping over the downed trees and small mountain ravines. The chase of several Fallen warriors was trying to match their pace, but then Akira activated the cloak. The scouts could not be discerned in the snowy landscape of the forest anymore.

Concealed in a small cave, half an hour later, they rested, every in his own way. Kagata took the death of the young as his own responsibility. He must have prepared Mutsuhito better for the possibility of face off with the Fallen. Especially, for the toxic influence of their souls cries. However, a samurai could not go back in time.

“But, we must go back and reclaim Mutsuhito’s body, Akira. We cannot risk having it revived by the Kaiju overlord. He would become, what he was horrified by: a desperate mind trapped within the automated body.”

Akira was engaged in preparing his arrows. The bow was lying on the icy floor of the cave, rearranging its tension and different screws automatically. However, a lot of attention was put by the archer to the arrows. He was obviously preparing for the battle.

“Sure, we are going back. I have met the Fallen many times. You can be sure that their overlord is a Zaghanak, the member of the most advanced Kaiju clan. And he is following the Fallen closely. The very Kaiju who revives, commands, and revives again is within our range now, commander. So, the body of the young Mutsuhito is the best possible bait we can have at the moment.”

Saying this, Akira loosened the limb bolting screws a bit, this time personally. Kagata could see determination in his glassy eyes.

“Two of my brothers died at the Oozna straits”, the archer said calmly, “and their bodies were revived by the Kaiju of the Zaghanak. Sent them back to the battlefield on the same day they were killed. To fight us, their own clan. I had to put them down myself, Kagata. But I could do it only after I muted their cries in my head. Just by the strength of my will.”

The old samurai nodded, and tightened the grip on his katana. Sun was coming out. The two left the little cave in silence. It took them one hour to make a big circle around the place of Mutsuhito’s killing. Now, they were watching from the southern slope the positions of the Fallen. The regimen of the revived looked like a proper samurai army, but not a word did they produce. Even the cries of their souls were only distant echoes in the wilderness.

“Look”, said Akira, “The overlord is finally approaching.”

Kagata used his sights, analytics as well. It was one of the Zaghanak breeds, no doubt. That large head, and insectoid eyes, slimy skin shining in the moonlight. And, above all, the correct biochemical signature picked up by visor sensors. Roar of the Kaiju marked the start of the reviving procedure. Shimmering lights spread through the woods, but no more than that could be seen.

“Shoot!”, shouted Kagata. And Akira`s arrow swiftly found its way through the icy air. An inhumane shriek shook the ground. The death of the overlord dazzled the Fallen, leaving them like puppets with no strings attached. Kagata moved in big leaps forward. The Fallen were so distracted, that he reclaimed the body of Mutsuhito without being challenged.

Much later, when finally leaving the Kushlaat valley, scouts could sense the Fallen minds again. They sang the song of honor.

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