Enter the

Samurai Saga

If they stand behind you, protect them · If they stand beside you, respect them · If they stand against you, defeat them.

The Story of Samurai Saga

New eras don't come about because of swords; they are created by the people who wield them.

Watsuki Nobuhiro

For 145 years, the Samurai have waited.
Watching the world from afar, they knew that the way of the warrior would be needed again. 

That time is now.

But fighting evil these days requires a bit more tech so the Ronin have made a few upgrades; transforming their traditional tosei gusoko and katana into weapons worthy of a noble Cyborg Samurai warrior.

The Samurai saga specs

Not every soldier is cut from the same cloth.

There will be foot soldiers, champions and rare legends. Each Samurai will be generated from over 350 unique traits including weapons, physical features, and backgrounds. They will call the Ethereum Blockchain home; stored as ERC-721 tokens and hosted in IPFS.

Every Samurai will be tested to ensure they embody the Bushido code and are battle ready.

69 Samurais will be held back and used for promotion, 

rewards, and giveaways after the drop.
The Samurai Saga Team

Real warriors at your service

Emperor Sensei Vedran

With sword and mind united, Vedran has led warriors into battle for over two decades. He never leaves the field until the war is won.

Shogun-Sensei Dino

Dino has the soul of an artist and a warrior, reigning supreme in any medium or style.

Daimyo-Sensei Reese

Serving the Shogun as his right-hand, Reese’s boundless creativity makes him the master in character design.

Samurai SUN

His passion is animation, he brings all our images and ideas to life.

Ronin JiaN

Wandering ronin Jian will spread the news across the land that the Samurai have returned.

Onnu-Bugeisha Brenda

In battle she wields the fierce naginata but these days her weapons of choice are pen and paper.

Samurai Hadrien

Ruling over the blockchain, no one is better than Hadrien at turning our ideas into reality.

The Battle Plan

You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.

Miyamoto Musashi
Phase 1

December 2021.

We understand that an army is stronger than a single warrior so we will be searching far and wide for champions to join our community and help spread the word of the Samurai Saga. We launch our attack at the end of December.

Phase 2

January 2022.

The spoils from the first battle will be reinvested into the Samurai army so that we can continue to add numbers to our contingent. Seasoned warriors will have a chance to win one of the first one-of-a kind Samurai soldiers.

Phase 3

February 2022.

We will enlist fully-3D Samurai fighters and introduce the new wave of super-baddies that the warriors must face and defeat.

Phase 4

March 2022.

See the Samurai in action with the release of our game demo. We will add extra gear, armour, and weapons… and maybe a trusty sidekick or two.

Phase 5

April 2022.

Put your Samurai to the test. All holders will get a 3D version of their Samurai to be used in the game. And because it’s so much fun to be bad so we will add an army of 9,999 enemies.

Phase 6

May-September 2022.

Our focus will be on game development but of course we will have a few surprises for the community.

Phase 7

October 2022.

Game on! All Samurai owners-good or evil-will be the first to enter the field, giving them the advantage when earning the weapons, avatars, and tools essential for victory.

Even the best laid plans can change in the heat of battle so expect the unexpected while we work towards these major milestones.